The length of stay at a British boarding school depends on what you are hoping to get out of the stay and, of course, your budget. Anything from a term (3 months) to one, two or more years to include a
school leaving certificate (IB or A-levels) is possible.


A stay at a boarding school in England or Scotland can add real momentum to a child’s development. They broaden their horizons, meet new friends and become at home in a new culture and a foreign
language. An extended stay such as this promotes independence and responsibility.
Tradition and modernity are combined in a unique way in British boarding schools. Historic boarding schools with centuries of tradition use modern teaching methods and well-equipped classrooms to
provide first class tuition in a wide range of subjects. Full-time schooling combines academic and extracurricular activities in a special way. A stay at a boarding school will provide your child with the
necessary English skills for their academic and professional future. In addition, the structured learning environment will encourage personal development and allow them to experience an entirely new way of studying.


Once we know your wishes, expectations and requirements, we can present the best and most appropriate choice of schools to stay for a single term or to sit your final exams, we will guide you step by step throughout the decision-making process and will always be available to answer your questions.


Finding the right school


The choice of school is hugely important, but not all of them will be right for your child. That’s why our experience and assistance is so important. As we select the schools for your child, we will take into consideration the desired length of stay, the size and location of the school, your child’s individual talents and academic goals, the extra-curricular activities on offer, the school fees, and anything else that is important to you. With such an important decision to make, put your faith in our hands. We’ll make sure your child will make the right decision and therefor comes into a position where he or she can maximise his/her potential.


Advantages of a short term stay :


A Semester or Summer Term Abroad

There are some positives to studying abroad for a semester or summer term. First, the shorter duration means less expense. You will only need to budget for three or four months abroad, while students studying abroad for a year have to stretch their budget out for another four to five months. You will also be more apt to take advantage of opportunities much quicker than year abroad students. A semester or summer abroad is also a good option if you’re excited about studying abroad, but not really sure if you can handle a whole year away from home.


A Year Abroad (Gap year option)

Studying abroad for a year is a great option if you have the time and the budget. Usually it takes almost three months simply to adjust to a new school, and if you’re only there for a semester or summer, you will be gone just as you’re getting comfortable. You will have twice the time to travel, including a lengthy inter-semester break. You’ll also be able to spend more time around your abroad university and experience the weekend life every now and then, instead of having to use every Saturday and Sunday for traveling.

Studying abroad for a year allows you to have more time to be with your new friends too. You’ll undoubtedly meet a lot of people in your first few weeks, and you’ll be able to develop those friendships over the course of an entire academic year instead of a span of a few months. Finally, being away from home for nine to ten months versus three to four months will also require you to become much more independent. Knowing that you aren’t going home in three short months, you will have more time to strengthen life skills and begin applying them to your everyday life.